At Design Direct Sound (DDS Horns) we offer the fullest line of commercial and professional fiberglass horn lenses available. Our professional audio products are of the highest quality and will suit virtually any application you can imagine. Our customer base ranges from the best known OEM speaker builders in the industry, domestic distributors, custom speaker makers, and other end users all over the country and around the world. Professional audio systems utilizing DDS horns can be found in . . .

Clubs w Recording Studios w Sound Companies

Touring & Production Companies

Houses of Worship w Malls & Shopping Centers w Theme & Amusements Parks

Athletic Facilities w Colleges & High School Facilities

Theatres w Museums w Television Companies

At a time when many in the professional audio industry are re-discovering the roots of high fidelity products, DDS is the leader in offering a full line of products to those discerning professionals who are committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of sound.
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